Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Very Good Fellowship Covenant

Notwithstanding my criticisms of the Fellowship of Presbyterians' (now called the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians) project, I really affirm their just released Covenant statement. I especially appreciate the affirmation about the sanctity of life. I plan to sign the Covenant and will encourage our session to consider supporting it as well. This does not mean we are considering leaving the PC(USA). It does mean that we are looking for a way to be faithful followers of Christ, relying on the Word of God, while remaining in the PC(USA).

I am grateful to the ECO for issuing this.

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Reformed Catholic said...


the Fellowship is also inviting individual and congregations to formally join the FoP with the membership fee of $125 for individuals and $250 for congregations.

I attendeded, and signed the covenant.