Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Attempt at Clarity

The Presbytery of Stockton in California is trying to establish some clarity for Presbyterians when we discuss "Essential Tenets." Presbyterians say they have Essential Tenets but they never identify them (or, I should say, the national denomination never defines them, except for support of women's ordination, which is explicitly endorsed by only one of our Confessions.).

Stockton is attempting to describe some Essential Tenets as guidelines. I appreciate their hard work and irenic spirit.

Read the document for yourself.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Former President Gillespie of Princeton Seminary has died

I am saddened by Dr. Gillespie's death, although it is true he lived a full life (he was 83) and I have faith that he is with his Savior at this very moment. I was fortunate to attend Princeton Seminary when he was President. I appreciated his pastorally-oriented sermons in Miller Chapel, as well as his plainspoken nature and sense of humor. He was a success as a pastor and an academic, and led Princeton Seminary to great heights as its President (for 21 years!). He is one of those transformative figures in higher education, much like another great President, Frank Rhodes, who led Cornell University for 18 years, including my time there.

Tom Gillespie will be missed greatly. May God bless and comfort his dear wife Barbara, and their children and grandchildren, at this time of loss for them.

Princeton Seminary's current President, Ian Torrance, has written a gracious tribute to Dr. Gillespie.